Q: Are there any limiting factors for my child regarding enrollment and/or enrollment preference?

A: No, Scholarship Prep accepts all age-eligible students who enroll. This includes pupils with disabilities, academically low-achieving pupils, English learners, neglected or delinquent pupils, homeless pupils, or pupils who are economically disadvantaged, as determined by eligibility for any free or reduced-price meal program, foster youth, or pupils based on nationality, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Q: Can I enroll my child after the Open Enrollment period?

A: Yes. Enrollment continues after the Open Enrollment period, through the start of the school year. However, if a lottery is needed, only those who applied to enroll during the Open Enrollment period are considered for open seats. If open seats remain after the Open Enrollment period, Scholarship Prep will continue to accept applications until all seats are filled.

Q: How do I enroll my child in Scholarship Prep?

A: Please view the process information. To submit your application, either bring the completed document to the school office, or contact us.

Q: If all seats are filled, can my child be placed on the waiting list?

A: Yes, all families are welcome to fill out an interest form in order to be placed on the waiting list.

Q: If my prospective student is a foster youth or experiencing homelessness, do they receive an enrollment preference?

A: Yes! Foster youth and students experiencing homelessness receive an enrollment preference (at our Santa Ana campus only), meaning that provided space is available, they are able to be enrolled in the school prior to the lottery. Please let those receiving your child’s application know that the prospective student is a foster youth.

Q: Is enrollment “first come, first served”?

A: No. Prospective students who apply during the Open Enrollment period will either be enrolled into the school, or if more applications are taken than available seats at any grade level, then all who apply for the impacted grade level will be entered into a lottery.

Q: Is Scholarship Prep a free, public school?

A: Yes! We welcome ALL families to enroll their children.

Q: What is the lottery?

A: After the end of Open Enrollment, if any grade level has received more applications than spaces available, Scholarship Prep will hold a random public lottery for the available spaces at the impacted grade level. The lottery will be publicized in advance and held at a location open to the public so that prospective families may attend.

Q: When does enrollment begin?

A: Please visit our enrollment page for this information. We continue to accept enrollment applications throughout the year. Those applying after Open Enrollment will either be placed into open seats or on the wait list in the order accepted. We also continue to accept enrollment applications for the current school year.

Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions about enrolling my child?

A: Please contact the school’s front office for questions regarding enrolling your child in a Scholarship Prep school by visiting the Orange County (Santa Ana), Oceanside, or South Bay contact pages.