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Enriching Experiences: Scholarship Prep's Winter Intersession Delivers Educational Adventure

Enriching Experiences: Scholarship Prep's Winter Intersession Delivers Educational Adventure

Posted by Rachel Foy on February 15, 2024 in General News

As the winter break rolled around, Scholarship Prep students eagerly anticipated two days filled with excitement, learning, and fun. This past December, our Winter Intersession program provided a unique opportunity for students from TK to 8th grade to engage in enriching educational activities while making unforgettable memories.

Students at our South Bay campus embarked on exciting adventures that blended learning with fun! Math Jeopardy sparked creativity by challenging students with riddles. Meanwhile, middle schoolers enjoyed a tasty twist on fractions as they whipped up mouthwatering waffles—a delicious way to learn!

Orange County attendees received a surprise visit from Paramount Reptiles, where our 3rd to 8th graders buzzed with excitement. A trip to the Discovery Cube provided hands-on learning at its finest! 

A highlight for Oceanside students included a thrilling field trip to the San Diego Zoo! Over 120 students and staff embarked on a wild adventure, exploring diverse habitats and discovering fascinating animal facts during a lively scavenger hunt. The excitement continued on day two with outdoor sports, video games, and captivating classroom activities, fostering friendship as students competed, strategized, and collaborated!

Intersessions play a vital role in the holistic development of our students. By stepping outside the confines of the traditional classroom, students have the opportunity to explore new interests, develop critical skills, and form lasting friendships. Additionally, these programs serve as a valuable support system for families who might not have access to childcare during school breaks. Our campuses offer a secure environment for students, including breakfast, lunch, and snacks, to give families peace of mind - all free of charge.