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Scholarship Prep Continues to Outpace Surrounding School Districts in State Test Scores

Scholarship Prep Continues to Outpace Surrounding School Districts in State Test Scores

Posted by Arthur Congo on October 09, 2019 in General News

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– Test scores released today by the California Department of Education show that both Santa Ana and Oceanside Scholarship Prep campuses continued to grow in the California Assessment of Student Performance & Progress (CAASPP), which assesses public school students throughout California in Math and English Language Arts (ELA).

Scholarship Prep significantly closed the achievement gap for English Learners and socioeconomically disadvantaged scholars. At the same time, Scholarship Prep widened the achievement gap between Scholarship Prep scholars and students in surrounding school districts. For example, both campuses posted at least double the growth of Santa Ana Unified School District and Oceanside Unified School District, where Scholarship Prep schools are located.

Additionally, the State of California growth has seen just 1% increase in both subjects each of the past two years.

“Our scholars are showing what can be done when school leadership puts kids first and are given the tools to succeed,” said former Senator Gloria Romero, Scholarship Prep Co-Founder and Executive Director. “I am proud of our students who continue to show that they will succeed when challenged, and it is a credit to our whole community that the achievement gap for our English learners and socioeconomically disadvantaged students continue to close expeditiously.”

English learners at the Santa Ana campus continued to outperform all expectations, scoring at 30% in ELA and 38% in Math. For comparison, Santa Ana Unified School District scores dropped in both subjects to 3% and 5%, respectively.

The test scores continue a trend for Scholarship Prep, which showed double-digit growth among all students and student subdivisions in 2018 CAASPP results.

Earlier this year, Scholarship Prep was one of 15 charter school networks nationally to successfully compete for a $6.5 million Charter School Program (CSP) Grant to further meet the unique needs of educationally disadvantaged and historically underserved students in California. The highly selective CSP Grants enable high-quality public charter schools to replicate and expand; increase the enrollment of existing charter schools and create new charter schools.

Scholarship Prep Success

Scholarship Prep is a high performing network of independent, public charter schools. After its first year, Scholarship Prep Santa Ana was ranked the #1 public school in California on student academic growth in Mathematics according to the California Assessment of Student Performance & Progress (CAASPP). Additionally, Scholarship Prep ranked in the top one percent of top performers of student academic growth in English Language Arts/Literacy, ranking 45 out of 10,634 schools.

About Scholarship Prep

Scholarship Prep, co-founded by former California Senator Gloria Romero and long-time educator, Jason Watts, is a comprehensive public charter school model that represents a breakthrough approach to education which has proven particularly successful in closing the gap for all students, with a prioritization on historically underserved, foster and socioeconomically disadvantaged students in the areas it serves. Scholarship Prep operates schools in Santa Ana, Oceanside, and Los Angeles. For more information go to

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