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Scholarship Prep Provides Well-Being Training for Staff

Scholarship Prep Provides Well-Being Training for Staff

Posted by Arthur Congo on December 16, 2021 in General News

Scholarship Prep staff recently engaged in the first of a series of trainings focused on the unique challenges and stressors brought about by COVID-19. The professional development, provided by Move This World, allowed our staff a safe space to engage in self-care and community building.

Staff members reflected on the transitions to and from remote learning as well as the anxiety caused by COVID-19. Staff was then able to explore strategies and techniques to manage stress and set personal intentions for self-care. “I loved that everyone provided a safe space for everyone to comfortably share their feelings,” 3rd grade teacher Melina Davis shared. “It felt like everyone was respectful and genuinely listening to what others were saying. I learned how important it is to provide love to our students, but also OURSELVES!

The theme of self-care was felt by all, including 1st grade teacher Cynthia Vargas. “My key takeaway was the immense need to take care of myself because without doing so, I cannot take care of my students and my work family,” she notes.