The Process

1) Learn

Prior to enrolling, we invite you to an optional "information meeting" which will introduce you to our school's philosophies, educational program, give you a chance to meet our school leaders, complete application paperwork, and ask any questions you may have. We also invite you to peruse our website for information about each campus, the organization's mission and vision, and important events.

2) Apply

To apply, complete an application form online from the "Home" page of the enrollment site to ensure your child will be part of the lottery, during the Open Enrollment period. This can be completed online (preferred) or in person (if needed), including at any information meeting held by the school during Open Enrollment.

3) Lottery

If more enrollment forms from potential students are submitted than the number of spaces available at each grade level, the school will conduct a random public lottery. We will mail, call and/or e-mail each family to confirm their child's acceptance until all available seats are filled. It is possible to be placed on the waitlist and then called from the wait list later in the year.

4) Paperwork

In order to ensure that your child is fully enrolled, you are required to complete any necessary paperwork by the deadlines set by the school. The packet may include permission for the school to request a copy your child's record, and information on whether your child has an IEP. This information helps the school be prepared to give your child the best education possible starting on day one.