We believe that all children have inherent talent, and through encouragement and rigorous instruction utilizing a Project-Based Learning instructional model, our students can and will achieve.

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At Scholarship Prep, our students learn to maintain a healthy body, understand proper nutrition and the physiological benefits of exercise/fitness, and practice to increase proficiency.

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We believe in the importance of our students diversifying their knowledge and experiences in visual and performing arts. Thus, Scholarship Prep provides a robust arts and music education program to grow the innate talents of students.

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College-Bound Culture

With a university-inspired, college scholarship concept, our students understand that by achieving academic, athletic, and/or arts excellence, a broader array of possibilities and options exist for future endeavors in higher education. Our goal is that EVERY student will one day receive a college scholarship, earn a degree, and give back to their community.

Researched-Based Practices

Scholarship Prep incorporates proven research-based strategies that are considered “best practices” for student learning. These strategies, when implemented effectively, create positive, measurable differences in student achievement.

Building Character to Build Leaders

The mission of Scholarship Prep includes creating a culture by which every student adheres to the core tenets of citizenship, leadership, and character. Character instruction will permeate every subject and be part of the daily schedule.

Project-Based Learning Instruction

Through Project-Based Learning, Scholarship Prep students collaborate, problem-solve, make decisions along their journey, create something new, and present their work. Projects are designed to address essential questions or problems that represent real-world experiences.

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Scholarship Prep is Enrolling Now

Though Scholarship Prep's Open Enrollment ended on Friday, February 24, 2017, we are still accepting enrollment applications for the 2017-18 school year. To enroll, visit the school office between 7:30am - 4:00pm. Monday through Friday, call the office for more information at 714-795-3498, or click the button below to enroll online.

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