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Please search for a Scholarship Prep staff member or select from the list below. If you are unable to find the person you wish to contact, please contact us.

  First Name Last Name Title Department E-mail Phone Ext
image Maritza Ahn Coordinator AR/AP Specialist Administration [email protected] 714-795-3729
image Victor Carcamo Coordinator of Student Services Administration [email protected]
image Kristen Crowe Chief Community Officer Administration [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Andrew Crowe Deputy Director Administration [email protected]
image Lisa Czarnocki HR Assistant Administration [email protected]
image Taylor Ellis Chief Academic Officer Administration [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Rachel Foy Coordinator of Strategic Communications Administration [email protected]
image Denise Hobbensiefken Human Resources Director Administration [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Allie Masse Coordinator of Compliance Administration [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Karina Montes Student Services Assistant Administration [email protected] 714-795-3729
image Jacklyn Moreno Coordinator of Facilities Administration [email protected] 714-795-3729
image Yazmin Ramirez Special Education Admin Assistant Administration [email protected] 714-795-3729
image Sarah Schoenfeld-Nakamoto Chief Operating Officer Administration [email protected] 714-795-3729
image Anarely Sedano Director of Special Education Administration [email protected]
image Gilanie Thomas Coordinator of Data and Accountability Administration [email protected] 714-795-3498 1013
image Chris Todd Program Specialist Administration [email protected] 714-795-3729
image Jason Watts Executive Director Administration [email protected] 714-795-3498