Mission and Vision

scholarship prep kids singing

  Our Mission

We are committed to creating community change by operating university-inspired, trauma-informed public schools for all students, especially those experiencing homelessness or those in the foster care system.

Create A Collegiate-Bound Culture

Scholarship Prep creates a collegiate-inspired environment that motivates our students to not only attend school, but also to excel. Each classroom is not identified by number. Rather, students are in UCLA, Harvard, Stanford, etc. Each university is carefully selected based on Academic Progress Rate (APR) and/or Graduation Success Rate (GSR). APR is used by the NCAA to measure how student-athletes are performing over the course of each school year. GSR takes into account students who transfer into a school and graduate from that same school. 

Weekly PEP Rallies with the entire student body promote camaraderie, competition, and school pride. At any given PEP Rally, Scholarship Prep students can be seen chanting their university’s fight song or watching their fellow students demonstrate their talents. Rather than utilizing school bells to mark the beginning or end of periods, college fight songs are used.

 scholarship prep kids studying

  Our Vision

We will create school communities where scholarship is standard, equity is essential, and partnerships are power.

Targeting all students, with a data-driven emphasis on making a dramatic and sustainable impact on underserved populations, our students will promote from our school prepared to serve their communities and achieve to their greatest capacity.

Utilizing a university-inspired, college scholarship concept, our students will understand that by achieving academic, athletic, and/or arts excellence, a broader array of possibilities and options exist for future endeavors in higher education. Ultimately, our goal is that EVERY student will be effectively positioned to--one day--receive a college scholarship, earn a degree, and give back to their community.

By establishing strong bastions of education in the communities we serve, not only can a sustainable model flourish, a strong work force can prosper. As generations receive top-notch educations, local businesses receive the benefit of employees with greater capacity for success. When the generations amongst the work force become highly educated, their median income increases. This potentially sustainable model serves to greatly benefit the most disadvantaged communities.