Problem-Based Learning

Through Problem-Based Learning (PBL), Scholarship Prep utilizes digital content and instructional technology to create a unique classroom environment, which allows students to grow as independent learners while the teacher focuses on group and targeted, differentiated instruction.

Problem-Based Learning is a teaching strategy that uses real-world learning activities to engage student interest and motivation. In PBL, students collaborate, problem-solve, make decisions along their journey, create something new, and present their work. Problems are designed to address essential questions or problems that represent experiences people encounter in the world outside a traditional classroom.

Instructional Model

  • Utilize proven practices through research-based strategies;
  • Provide standards-based instruction through Backwards Design (planning with the end in mind);
  • Infuse academic rigor throughout the curriculum utilizing Gifted Education strategies; and
  • Incorporate Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy to stimulate higher thinking levels including the process of creation, development, and design, which aligns perfectly with PBL.
  • Our staff also receive comprehensive training through targeted professional development that will occur before the school year and frequently throughout the year.